yin to my yang

This is my husband. He is a goober.

He is obsessive about checking the latest news on all things Clemson sports. He isn’t too great at watching his words around our girls (but neither am I…and Carlyn repeats almost everything she hears! Eek!). He loves to dance like a goofball and make beatbox noises.


Occasionally, he tries to pull a fast one on me. I am a control freak, so I like to know everything. I also handle the budget and $$ in the house, so I can see everything he spends $ on. For this reason, he likes to have cash to spend on things he doesn’t want me to know about…but he doesn’t like me to know when he gets cash. It’s weird. He doesn’t go and buy crazy things – it’s like for when he wants to stop and get lunch out or something! I am not sure why he doesn’t want me to know, but he doesn’t. However, whenever he gets cash, or goes somewhere, I catch him! It’s hilarious. It sounds silly, but I always happens to find a receipt, bag, or SOMETHING that gives him away…and when I ask him about it, his reaction is priceless. I even caught him putting the ring in his pocket the day he was going to propose…he acted like he was going to put his gloves in the car, and I followed him to tell him that he would probably need his gloves…and there he was! Ha. It still makes me laugh when I think about it. He was so mad at me. He also bought a birthday card for me last year on the way to meet me for lunch. I accused him of not planning ahead, and he swore up and down he bought the card days ago. I opened it and saw Carlyn’s signature, and I was so touched! I apologized. Then, that night, I found the receipt with the time stamped on it – 20 minutes before he met me!! That little stinker had FAKED Carlyn’s signature while he was driving to the restaurant!

Last night was the most recent instance. I got home late. Andrew was in bed, and so were the girls. He came down to greet me, but went back upstairs quickly, so I messed around the kitchen for a minute. For some reason, I decided to do Samson’s eyedrops. Somehow this led to me remembering that we were out of dog food. Andrew usually feeds the dogs every day, but on the days I go to exercise in the mornings, I feed them. I went and checked the dog food container…there was a different food in there. (We buy Canidae – it’s a high-quality dog food you can’t get at supermarkets.) I called Andrew downstairs, and the look he gave me was priceless. He said he had been praying I would just hurry up and come upstairs, but when I called him, he KNEW what I was calling him downstairs for. It turns out he was going to pick the girls up while I was in class and realized that he had not gone to get dog food, and the store was closed by then. He took the girls to Publix, paid with CASH so I wouldn’t know, and hid the bag in the trash so I wouldn’t find out!!! He was so upset that I checked the container. I was crying, I laughed so hard. I don’t know WHY he tries to hide stuff from me, but he does…and IT NEVER WORKS. I LOVE IT!

I also love him. I’m so thankful I have a hubby that can make me laugh-til-I-cry on a daily basis. Our anniversary is Dec. 18 – six years. I hope the next 60 are as fun! 🙂