Carlyn’s New Love

Carlyn has a new love…and her daddy couldn’t be more proud.

It’s Clemson football.

We were blessed this year – Andrew’s dad purchased season tickets to the Clemson games without wanting to use them, so we got to go to pretty much every game. The seats were great – in the West End Zone, shaded, with a wonderful view…and better yet, kids were all around us!

We went to two games this year on our own, but we decided to take Carlyn one game…and boy, did we start something! She went with us to every game after that first one. Well, Andrew and I went to Atlanta two weekends ago with some friends to watch the GA Tech/Clemson game (fun trip, horrible game!), and Carlyn just cried and cried because she couldn’t go see the Tigers. 😦

We tailgate with my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, and she has a blast. Being at the game took a little while to get used to – she loves watching the balloons get released (“MOMMY, IT’S LIKE THE LANTERNS!” from Tangled, for those of you who haven’t seen the movie) and band playing…but the volume of the stadium upset her a few times. She LOVES being in the end zone, though, and she cries every time they kick a field goal and she doesn’t catch it. She even got on the Jumbotron her first game – she was shaking her pom poms during halftime and they filmed her! It was so exciting. Also during her first game, she kept asking if the players were being bad because she kept hearing them say they were taking a timeout. 🙂 Yesterday was the first day she actually got the cheers right – we have laughed at her because she will spell “C-S-O-S-O, N!!!!” and she’s so excited…she just couldn’t get those letters right. She also would say, “5, 3, 4, 5, fight, fight, fight!”

Yesterday was the last game of the season, and it was so much fun for her. We left at 8 am to drop Blakely off with my grandparents (too bad she puked right as we got there! YUCK! We think she gets carsick), tailgated some, and Carlyn made it through the whole game…well, almost. She fell asleep on me during the fourth quarter, which was crazy because it was so loud! She made some friends around her – they colored, played with my phone, and ate suckers. She has already asked several times about going to Clemson again to see the Tigers play!

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